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We all have times where we feel like the number of tasks we have to complete is getting us down. Sometimes even working out where to begin seems like a daunting task.

iPrioritize is a new productivity application from Cerebral Vortex  and Simon Hedley which aims to tackle exactly this problem. To use the app you simply enter the tasks which you need to complete within a series of projects, but, here comes the clever part.: The app asks you a series of questions about the task, questions you might not have considered yourself, and uses your responses to calculate the relative importance of all your tasks.

The calculation system works well and catalogues your tasks using a traffic light system of bright red for urgent right down to green for unimportant tasks. The colour coding makes it easy to see at a glance which tasks are most urgent on your agenda. Helpfully, you can also export your ordered list and email it to yourself for later viewing.

The layout of the app is fairly simple and intuitive to use, and I found it a genuinely useful addition to the wealth of productivity apps already out there. In forcing you to examine your priorities carefully, the app succeeds in getting you on the right track to getting all your jobs done.

For more information visit http://www.i-prioritize.com. or the iPrioritize page in the App Store

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iPhones have changed the way many of us live our day-to-day lives but now, iPhone developer Mobelux is looking at changing the way we sleep with the release of their new app iHome+Sleep.

The app is a “social music alarm clock” that has a variety of interesting functions. As well as letting you set alarms from your music collection, the app allows you to create “Sleep Cards” which allow you to set different alarm templates with various time settings, sounds and alerts.

The feed function of the app is useful and allows you to wake up for your Facebook or Twitter timeline, or your favourite RSS feeds. You can also program the app with automated tasks such as auto-posting to Twitter of Facebook when you go to sleep or reminding you to brush your teeth before you go to bed. The app also features an interesting “Sleep Stats” feature that keeps a record of how long you sleep for and your sleeping patterns etc.

The iHome+Sleep app is free but aims to upsell a line of stereo’s that will accompany the app to be released in 2010. According to the manufacturers you will be able to control a variety of functions of the stereo direct from your iPhone.

iHome+Sleep is a good application limited by the fact that the iPhone’s inbuilt speakers are fairly poor both for going to sleep to and waking up to. However, with the release of the accompanying stereo systems, I think this app will pave the way for changing the way we sleep forever.

for more information visit iHome+Sleep’s App Store Page

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So you’ve popped out to the Video Rental shop to choose a film, but the problem is you have no idea what to choose. If you’ve got an iPhone, you could obviously type in the name of each film into Google and look up some information about it. Kooaba attempts to simplify this process by providing you with a variety of product information just by taking a photo of a DVD, CD video game or book cover.

While the idea behind Kooaba is sound, the execution is less so. The infrastructure behind the app is limited and the actual search results are simply displayed in Safari. Add to this the fact that searches can take 30 seconds plus to generate results and this seriously hinders that apps ability to be genuinely useful. On the plus side however, if time is not a major constraint, the app is very simple to use, and the concept is strong enough that with some improvements, I could see this app being incredibly useful.

For More information visit kooaba.com.

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